4 Player Edition

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Steve Scott
A fun spin on Hand and Foot

This is a fun spin on the original game. It really does make it a different game though. Several ideas to think about would be: a way to store the cards in the box after opening them, a subtotal box after each round in the score pad and include the rules for team play in the box as well as the two person one.

Such a fun game!

Love this game! We’ve played Hand & Foot before, but I LOVE having the points on the cards! Makes scoring so much easier! And the fun “new”
rules are really great too!

Marty Phelps
Great game

We’ve played this games every times using different rules. Lots of serious fun.

Janet E Kocon
Fun Game

Bought it for a friend as a Christmas gift. Played two rounds almost as soon as it was opened. Took a bit of getting used to but all in all everyone liked it. Especially like that the card decks were all different colors and each card had is value on it.

Charles D
Great service and product

We were taught this game years ago by some close friends. Ordered from this website recently and have tweaked some of our rules that we liked in the official rules that came with the set. Love the product offered here and the prompt service!