Hand & Foot Remastered Team Play Edition

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Lisa Abraham

I saw this card set on Facebook and immediately asked all of my card playing friends if they had heard of it…none had so I ordered it…so did two of our out of town friends. After playing and being absolutely obsessed with it, I ordered another 9 deck set for our second home. We played so much that we totally wore out our original set! The cards are great quality, but we did a traditional shuffle and that shortened their life. Definitely do the face up “whirlpool” shuffle that is recommended. The reason the game caught my eye was that you can play with many players, pairs, teams and singles…you don’t have to have an even number of players. The card holders are a must!!! I know I sound like a “paid” advertisement, but I am not….I, and all my friends just love this game. Count it…I have 3 sets, 1 friend bought 2 sets(large family), two other friends each bought a set and I bought 1 more as a gift…8!!! ✋🏻🦶🏽time in MO, FL, and CO! LDA in PCB, FL

Thank you so much for your support and amazing review!! My wife and I love knowing that others love the game as much as we do. Thank you for spreading the word and helping our tiny business grow.

Susan Anderson
Hand & Foot remastered

We love the package. Easy to score and play

Love it!

Love this game even more now!!!! This is great!!

Kym Scott

Great game we need more copies for friends.

Angelina Kerrigan
Game Night

Perfect for Game Night. My Friends and I have finally found a game we all enjoy playing. Great for seven people. It is definitely our go to game from here on.
Truly lots of fun.