The Perfect Mix of Strategy and Luck

Hand and Foot, the best card game ever, is now even better! Cards made specifically to play Hand and Foot Canasta make it easier to learn, keep score, and change the number of players. 3-8 players or 2-4 teams. Large print edition also available.

Hand & Foot Remastered 4 Player Edition
  • $24.99
Hand & Foot Remastered 8 Player Edition
  • $44.99
Hand & Foot Remastered Team Play Edition
  • $44.99
Hand & Foot Remastered Expansion Packs
  • $19.99
Hand & Foot Remastered 120 Page Scorepad
  • $6.49
Hand & Foot Remastered Card Holder Sets
  • From $18.99


4 Player Complete Set - 15% off Bundle Savings
  • $50.47
  • $42.90


8 Player Complete Set - 15% off Bundle Savings
  • $85.47
  • $72.65
Printable Scoresheet


Play the Best Hand & Foot Card Game Ever with Hand & Foot Remastered

We are Bill and Kim. In fact, that's me fighting writer's block when working on the game packaging.

We are a husband and wife team who learned the card game Hand & Foot Canasta from Kim’s grandparents over 20 years ago. Since then we talked about the lack of Hand & Foot cards that addressed all the pain points of using traditional playing cards to play the game. Since we are huge fans of the game we did not want to change the way you play, we only wanted to make it easier to learn, easier to keep score, and even more enjoyable to play. 

That is why we created Hand & Foot Remastered. The only playing cards made specifically for the game that have the card values on the face of the card, eliminated suits and confusing color names for books, perfected the Hand & Foot score sheet, and made it super easy to adjust the number of decks you are playing with; all without limiting you to a low number of players. We even have a large print edition for those who prefer playing in teams.

Fall in love with your favorite card game all over again, with Hand & Foot Remastered.

Common Questions

What is Hand & Foot?

Hand & Foot is a variation of the card game Canasta and is often referred to as Hand & Foot Canasta. The exact origin of the Hand & Foot variant is unknown but has been traced to the United States in the 1970s.

Why is it called Hand & Foot?

The game got it's name from the fact that each player is dealt two sets of cards each round. The set you start with is called your hand and once you play all cards in your hand you begin playing with your foot. 

Why is Hand & Foot Canasta so much fun?

Because it is the most flexible card game! With 2-8 players its perfect for most size groups. Plus, you can play in teams or singles while using a variety of house rules. While playing you can be losing by a wide margin and you still have a legitimate chance to win.

How many decks of cards do you need for Hand and Foot Canasta?

The game is played with one more deck of cards than players. So 8 players would use 9 decks. That’s a lot of cards, but you never again need to play with 9 different decks with different sizes and printing.

With Hand & Foot Remastered every deck has a different color on the back so it is quick and easy to remove one or two decks when the number of players at your game night changes. Long time players have said they love this feature of the cards and will never again play with traditional poker cards.

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