A Fun, Stategic, Competitive and Social Game for up to 8 Players


Easily learn the game with the only Hand & Foot specific cards that do it all. We removed the confusing suits, added point values to the cards, created 8 player scorepads with room to write, and made the decks easy to sort to quickly adjust for the number of players.

Hand & Foot Remastered 4 Player Edition
  • $24.99
Hand & Foot Remastered 8 Player Edition
  • $44.99
Hand & Foot Remastered Team Play Edition
  • $44.99
Hand & Foot Remastered Expansion Packs
  • From $16.99
Hand & Foot Remastered 120 Page Scorepad
  • $6.49
Hand & Foot Remastered Card Holder Sets
  • From $9.99
Automated Excel Scoresheet for Team Play


Automated Excel Scoresheet for Individual Games


Printable Scoresheet


Feeling the love!

From seasoned players to newbies, people love cards made just for Hand & Foot!

...The cards are high quality - sturdy and durable. The game is so easy to teach because of the design of the cards. We are thrilled with this purchase!


...The team that re-engineered this meticulously considered every possible angle of gameplay...The quality of the cards and score pads are also top notch - legible, colorful, and fun!

Leo N

I bought the whole big package, expansions and all, and I couldn't be happier!...The cards are easy to read, the directions are easy to follow, and the score sheet is planned so well that even the scoring is easy! Good job!

Kari S.

Love love love what you have done!The score sheets make it so easy!Played with some people that have played for year's and they loved it too!I could play all day!


We got our Hand and Foot Remastered 8 player extension set and it is amazing. The product execution is perfect...The directions for play are clear and accurate! AND it's an absolute blast to play!!!


"...The cards are wonderful and the score sheets are very cool!...
They sure thought of everything!! Amazing job, folks!!"

Lea Hunt

We loved these cards! It made the game so much easier!...And absolutely love the score sheets! That has been a game changer for us! So easy to keep score.


Best buy since I bought the game itself!! I have small hands and this card holder is perfect!

Susan H

Love the game! I played Hand and Foot with real cards probably 30 years ago but this makes it so much easier with the points on the cards. I'm thinking about getting the expansion pack. My family had never played and now they are hooked!

Lynne G

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